Elementarpartiklar och krafterna mellan dem

    • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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    • "Course Overview
      Welcome to Physics for the 21st Century: an on-line course that explores the frontiers of physics. The 11 units, accompanied by videos, interactive simulations, and a comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide, work together to present an overview of key areas of rapidly-advancing knowledge in the field, arranged from the sub-atomic scale to the cosmological."

  • "Hands-on-CERN låter dig utforska materiens minsta beståndsdelar vid fysikens frontlinjer."

    "Hands-on-CERN (HoC) är ett utbildningsprojekt vid fysikens frontlinjer som huvudsakligen riktar sig till svenska lärare och gymnasieelever, årskurs 2 och 3, på Naturvetenskapsprogrammet."

  • "What does "Quantum Universe" mean?
    To discover what the universe is made of and how it works is the challenge of particle physics. Quantum Universe presents the quest to explain the universe in terms of quantum physics, which governs the behavior of the microscopic, subatomic world. It describes a revolution in particle physics and a quantum leap in our understanding of the mystery and beauty of the universe."

  • Inquiring Minds

    The science of matter, space and time

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